How do you find your Zen?

The only Zen you find at the top of the mountain is the Zen you bring with you
— Zen Proverb

This past Saturday my friends and I celebrated Earth day by going on a trip down the coast. We found this beautiful trail in Pacifica (Bay Area), called Devil's Slide Trail. Many people walk the trail, others run or even ride their bikes. It's a real gnarly up hill trail so I think it would be fun to take a bike up there the next time I visit. I really recommend everyone to check this trail out if you find yourself in the Bay Area. It's by far one of the most breathe taking views I've visited in out here. 

I started " The Blog" section to share more about myself, my thoughts, and any other random things I might want you all to see. So, I decided to start it off by sharing a little about why I think finding your zen is so important. 

Lately my schedule has been extremely hectic. In between classes, work, meetings and travel I easily forget to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. I learned that sometimes you have to take a moment and make time for yourself. When I say take time for yourself that can mean anything from going to a yoga class, a calm walk, or even treating yourself to a mani and pedi. Taking a moment for yourself is a great way to build self motivation and simply rejuvenate your body after a long week. At the end of the day it's all about finding your "zen". Everyone's way of finding their "zen" will differ and your zen might not necessarily be your neighbor's idea of "zen" but, that's okay. Find your place. Find your zen and always try new ways to relax and recuperate. 

I found that my favorite places to find my zen are while hiking or visiting the beach. When I'm on a hike I can stop and appreciate the fresh air (away from the city), and listen to the birds chirping. I'm not sure why I find the chirping birds so relaxing? Because I know sometimes when I'm trying to nap I'm not so fond of that sound. lol! But, it's different in nature. And of course I love hiking because not only is it a nice way to relax but, I get in killer workout at the same time! lol! There I go again though trying to multitask. 

But, I honestly find the most therapeutic place for me has always been the beach. I grew up in Orange County and the beach was about 10-15 minutes away from my house. My mom would take my brother and I to Newport beach at least 3 times a week to relax or picnic. I think this is when I first learned to appreciate the outdoors. What I love is no matter what beach you go to it's just as calming and soothing as the last. Listening to the waves and falling deep into your thoughts and aspirations is so priceless to me. I feel that visiting the beach is the best way to self-heal and improve your well-being. I've been through many trials and tribulations and visiting the beach always got me through it and made me see a brighter day. And like I had said in the beginning everyone's happy place will differ. Just remember to always make time for yourself and finding your zen within. 

Happy Earth Month! Remember to stay positive, work hard, and find your zen!



I want to hear where you guys find your zen, share with me by commenting below!